Construction and Home Prices Still Going Strong in April

Despite the news reports of a housing bubble, demands for houses and condos continue to drive the Vancouver market.  With all this activity it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. People, it seems, are willing to pay to live between the picturesque mountains and the ocean in one of the most beautiful cities in the [...]

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How Should We Save Character Homes From Demolition?

The city of Vancouver is reviewing its current character housing zone policy to see how it can save character houses through better incentives. The aim is to retain these homes while accommodating growth in a more sustainable way. The city defines a character home as anything built before 1940 that isn’t in the heritage register [...]

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Highway 1 Construction Signals Boom For the North Shore

North Vancouver is known for its natural beauty and gorgeous homes, but it’s also famous for its traffic jams. Traffic woes are a daily occurrence for both The Lion’s Gate and Iron Workers’ Bridges, which can be backed up to 6 kilometers as early as 3pm on a weekday in either direction. Years of frustration [...]

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