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We take your vision and create your dream home. We work with you on the estimation, using custom design, and the right building materials to ensure high-quality craftsmanship every step of the process. With attention to detail, creative thinking, our projects are the pinnacle of Lower Mainland homes. We have experience in all styles of houses from West Coast to post-modern. From a empty piece of land, we can create anything you can imagine.

Thoroughness is a prerequisite for a successful project – and this includes finding a contractor you can trust. It’s the first critical step in any building project. When you choose a contractor for your new home or renovation, you need to check all the boxes.

We believe our values put is in a league of our own.

If you want to build a new home or have a renovation project, give us a call 1-877-546-2739

  • Experience – Apex Western Homes has been a registered home builder for 20 years.
  • Reputation – Our clients and our AAA-rated Better Business Bureau rating speak for us.
  • Aesthetic versus ValueYou don’t need to sacrifice one for the other but finding the “Goldilocks” zone for cost and look is a real science. At Apex we make sense of and present quality decisions to our clients.
  • CollaborationOur clients interact with our designers, engineers, realtors and construction professionals. Every step of the process is carefully reviewed with you and scrutinized along the way by all parties.
  • Knowledge – Change in the industry and the housing market drives cost and saleability. It is not enough merely to have done it – a builder has to stay on top of the latest trends, ever evolving building codes and bylaws, and keep going to school to employ the latest building science.
  • Innovation & IdentityOur unique building process makes us one the fastest in the business with no sacrifice in quality – our new builds typically take 6 to 7 months. We are known in the neighborhoods we build in as fast and super easy to deal with.

Our Recent Projects